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Mature financial advisor showing report to young couple for their investment. Salesman and positive couple talking about purchase. Happy couple consulting financial agent for loan. Schlagwort(e): bank, customer, investment, insurance, agent, loan, financial, business, couple, happy, smiling, smile, mortgage, banking, discussion, consultant, advisor, consultation, agreement, banker, broker, businessman, contract, meeting, professional, saving, talking, client, man, woman, office, modern, people, desk, document

Group of engineering students using a 3D printer and a laptop in the lab, technology and learning concept Schlagwort(e): Students, 3d Printer, 3d Printing, Education, Laptop, Team, Smiling, Happy, Teamwork, Computer, Girl, Woman, Men, Engineering, Prototyping, Learning, Studying, School, College, University, Young, Academic, People, Group, Project, Laboratory, Innovation, Mechanical engineer, Technology, Testing, Science, Lab, Electronic, Design, 3d Print, Mechanical, Creative, Wire, Tech, Industry

Handwerk in Iserlohn

Webdesigner sketching responsive website wireframe mockup with laptop, smartphone and digital tablet computer on wooden table, UI and UX front end development concept, top view Schlagwort(e): responsive, ui, ux, placeholder, media queries, front end, css, user experience

Teacher Helping College Students Studying Plumbing Wearing Protective Goggles Schlagwort(e): 16-17 Years, 18-19 Years, 30s, African Descent, African Ethnicity, Assistance, Caucasian, Cheerful, Classroom, Craft, Education, Female, Four People, Horizontal, Instructor, Learning, Little Boys, Male, Men, Occupation, People, Pipe, Plumber, Protective Eyewear, Saw, Sawing, Skill, Smiling, Student, Studying, Support, Teacher, Teenage Girls, Teenager, Togetherness, Trainee, Training, University, Water Pipe, Work Tool, Working, Workshop

Kurse für Macher

16.07.2018 - 20.07.2018

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